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Power Pod

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Power (measured in watts) is the most important measurement in cycling.  For competitive cyclists, more power means faster speeds and longer distances.  For enthusiast cyclists, more power means better physical fitness and more calories burned.

PowerPod is a revolutionary, small and light (32 grams) power meter that attaches to your bike's handlebars. PowerPod uses Velocomp's patented power measurement technology, perfected in over 11 years of on-the-road use.


PowerPod measures cycling power and transmits its measurements to your ANT+ cycling computer, such as Garmin or Bryton. Your power in watts appears on the bike computer display, and is recorded in the ride file.

What makes PowerPod different from conventional power meters?

No Compromise Price:  PowerPod will retail for $299, much less than any other other power meter, saving you hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

No Compromise Accuracy:  With sensor readings up to 800 times per second, PowerPod's both-leg measurement system provides accuracy comparable to "gold standard", both-leg crank power meters, and accuracy superior to one-leg power meters.

No Compromise Calorie Measurement: Unlike inconsistent and unreliable calorie estimates from heart rate straps, activity trackers, fitness apps and websites, PowerPod precisely measures the work you do.  It accurately accounts for moment-to-moment changes in wind conditions, hill steepness, and speed, giving you honest, accurate calorie measurement.

No Compromise Installation: PowerPod installation is incredibly easy: just attach it to your bike's handlebars.  For a really special setup locate your PowerPod directly under your Garmin, with the optional, machined-aluminum combo mount.

With PowerPod you won't have to change or modify your bike wheels, hubs, cranks, pedals, or bottom bracket.  And you won't have to hire a bike mechanic to install it.  

No-Compromise Simplicity: Press the PowerPod button to pair it to your ANT+ speed sensor, then pair PowerPod to your ANT+ bike computer; you're ready to ride!  PowerPod finishes its automatic, one-time calibration in only 5 minutes, after which power appears on your bike computer display. 

Wholesale Pricing