Salted Caramel Energy Bar
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Salted Caramel Energy Bar now available!

Guilt-Free guarantee included.

With Spring in the air and inspired by the non-stop requests from our athletes and customers, we're proud to let you know that our newest Energy Bar creation, Salted Caramel, is now available to stock your shelves and fuel up your customers!  Salted Caramel is an iconic flavor, and we knew that our recipe had to be absolutely perfect in order to live up to expectations.  We're pretty sure that you'll have a tough time saying no once you take a bite!  

The creation of Salted Caramel is a direct result of Bonk Breaker®’s “research and development department”, a.k.a. the athletes and active lifestyle customers that have pleaded for the flavor for more than two years.  After meticulous trial and error testing in order to perfect the flavor formula and adhere to Bonk Breaker®’s strict real food, recognizable ingredient standards, the new bar is finally ready for release.  Like all of our Energy and Protein bars, Salted Caramel is certified Gluten-Free and made with all natural ingredients and has melt-in-your-mouth INSANE flavors you're going to love.  In addition, each 62g bar (260 calories) is packed with 330 mg of naturally occurring electrolytes, making it the perfect real food bar to enjoy before, during, or after a workout or just as a nutritious snack.  We haven't seen any other comparable products on the market that come close! 

Why is Salted Caramel so incredibly good?

  1. Certified Gluten-Free
  2. 12 Ingredients (that you can pronounce)
  3. 330mg Electrolytes per 62g bar.  Nobody else comes close!
  4. 8% of Daily Value Iron per 62g bar.
  5. 12-month shelf life out of the oven
  6. Taste Delicious, like all Bonk Breaker FUEL!

Product Specs:

  1. 62g / 260 calories per energy bar - SRP per bar $2.50
  2. 12 bars per Shelf Box
  3. Shelf Box dimensions: 7”x7”x2.5”
  4. 12 Shelf Boxes per master case
  5. UPC Individual Bar:   04023222028 9
  6. UPC Box (12 bars):   04023222029 6

Wholesale Pricing