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City Bug Pic

Citybug2 was designed with the utmost care, with a less-is- more philosophy in mind. Its sleek and
minimalistic style is expressed in the dynamic and elegant cover that neatly hides the plethora of
advanced technology. Every imaginable detail enhances functionality and challenges the design
boundaries of today’s mobility industry. Awarded with the prestigious IF Design Award 2015, Citybug2 is
already becoming an icon of the New Mobility era.

Press the start button and hop on. The patented Push&Pull handlebar gives you full control at the palm
of your hands. Simply push for acceleration, then drive with your desired speed and pull for
deceleration. The sensor-based, high-tech system takes care of the rest. It’s the most carefree and
highly intuitive joyride you’ll ever experience.

Arriving somewhere has never been more convenient. Effortlessly transform your Citybug2 for smooth
carrying and storage:

◦Pull lever at the bottom of the handlebar

◦Fold down until it clicks

◦Ready to carry

◦Reverse the process and ride some more

The folded Citybug2 is smaller than a folding bicycle. It’s light enough to carry up several flights of stairs,
and small enough to fit on any public transportation or even under a shopping cart.

In the end, it’s always the little things that make all the difference. When not riding, forget about
searching for a wall or a fence to lean your Citybug2. There’s no need for a kickstand, Citybug2 stands
perfectly on its own. Slightly release the fold lever and pull the handlebar until the bottom of the
platform touches the ground. Elegantly parked, Citybug2 is waiting for your next ride.

The Citybug2 features two highly intuitive ways to brake a vehicle:
Push & Pull - simply pull the handlebar for deceleration. The sensor-based controls generate the motor
brake, so there’s no surprises you can’t handle.

Step2Stop - an instinctive rear brake, that uses your body’s reactive motion. If you instantly need to
bring your Citybug2 to a full halt, the robust back wheel fender has you covered.

NO CO2 pollution - The Citybug2 is a Zero Emission Vehicle. Sophisticated battery technology ensures
maximum longevity of charging cycles. Combine that with green energy from your power company and
your ecological footprint just got significantly smaller.
NO noise pollution - as a Personal Light Electric Vehicle, the Citybug2 is ultra quiet, so you and your
surroundings are in greater symbiosis.


◦Press the power ON button and hop on

◦Speed up to 5 km/h by foot kicking, then the electrical propulsion will start up

◦Push handlebar forward to gradually increase speed

◦When you reach your desired tempo, stop pushing the handlebar to continue with constant speed

◦To gradually reduce speed, pull handlebar backward to generate motor brake to stop immediately, step

on the rear brake/fender


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